Products Your Source for Bottleless Office Water Coolers in Austin TX

Every business is different, and not all business needs are made equal. That’s why Aqua Chill of Austin offers a wide range of bottleless water solutions made for unique offices everywhere.

No matter your office space or business culture and environment, clean, purified water is only a phone call away. Check out some of Aqua Chill’s bottleless water options below:

Bottleless Water Systems from Aqua Chill

3 upright bottleless business office water coolers for water filtration for offices in Austin, TX.


Upright water coolers are Aqua Chill’s signature bottleless water solution. A classic option for many offices, upright water coolers offer the details you need, such as:

  • Contemporary styles to match decor
  • Hot & cold water options
  • Color options including platinum, white, and black with chrome accents

Various designs make it easy to incorporate this environmentally friendly, bottleless water cooler into your existing office space.

Example of Aqua Chill's Under Counter water purifier

Under Counter

For those offices where space is tightly allocated, the under counter Iceberg POU Water Cooler is a practical solution to water purification. This system offers:

  • Space saving solution – fits neatly under existing sinks
  • Provides clean, cool water on demand
  • Convenient counter mounted tap

In addition to being a great alternative to larger upright water coolers, under counter water coolers can be installed discreetly in baseboard cabinets and run so quietly you’ll never know it’s there.

Example of Aqua Chill's Countertop water purifiers


The features of an upright water cooler made in a space saving, countertop format, countertop bottleless water coolers are a great option for businesses seeking affordable water system solutions, such as:

  • Convenient option for growing businesses
  • Hot & cold water options
  • Fits on a countertop to save space

This is a great option for office spaces that don’t have a dedicated kitchen space but still have a coffee bar or similar available to employees.

Examples of Aqua Chill's Industrial water purification systems


Not every job is done in the office. For clean water in the field, the Aqua Chill fill station is a bottleless option that will save your company money and keep your employees safely hydrated.

  • Environmentally friendly fill stations remove the need for plastic bottles
  • Saves money on countless cases of water
  • Available in 10, 30, and 50 gallons to meet your company’s needs

Don’t leave your field teams stuck with bottled water or nothing. These fill stations will be kind to the environment, your employees, and your company budget.

Example of an Aqua Chill Ozone Sanitizer

Ozone Sanitizer

Aqua Chill’s SIP ozone system utilizes a natural purification method—micro bubbles of ozone. This discrete system is preferred by many businesses for its high purification standards.

  • 99.999% kill rate of all pathogens
  • Sanitation using all natural ozone
  • Safe and space-saving

This system sanitizes your cooler reservoir directly, not taking up any of your valuable office space. It also ensures that you have clean, cold water where and when you need it.

Example of Aqua Chill's Alkaline Purifier

Alkaline Purifier

Water purification uses reverse osmosis that removes minerals within the water. Some of these minerals make water “hard” and can damage plumbing over time. The Aqua Chill alkaline post purifier returns some of the beneficial minerals back to your water.

  • Returns safe ionized calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium ion back to water
  • Typically yields water with an 8.00–9.50 pH balance
  • Unobtrusive placement works in almost any office

Alkaline purification systems are a great bottle-free way to provide cool, clean drinking water with healthy minerals in it to your office.

Pure water in lab beakers and flasks, representing the quality of the Austin water filter we provide.

Ultra Pure/De-Ionized

Ultra Pure systems are here for any businesses that require water clean enough for medical use or scientific application. Perfect for businesses such as:

  • Dentists
  • Walk-in clinics
  • Lab testing sites

If your medical practice or clinic needs clean, purified water available at any moment, an Ultra Pure system is perfect for you.

Get affordable purified water for your business today.

How Aqua Chill Products Work

Looking for a smarter, more affordable water solution for your workplace? One that doesn’t come with a huge bottle? Aqua Chill’s bottleless water coolers are an excellent addition to offices of all sizes. Here’s how they work:

water pouring into a glass

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis, also known as membrane technology, is a highly efficient water purification method that can remove a wide range of impurities from drinking water. All of Aqua Chill’s systems use this technology, and for good reason.

A reverse osmosis water filtration system for bottleless water coolers in Austin.

How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

Using the reverse osmosis method, water is purified using an “osmotic membrane chamber.” This is a chamber containing tiny holes, small enough that only water molecules can pass through.

Water is forced through the osmotic membrane chamber at up to 40 psi. The water molecules flow through the chamber while other substances in the water such as minerals like calcium and magnesium are left behind resulting in clean, fresh tasting water.

Why Is This Purification Method Recommended?

Many businesses are switching to reverse osmosis systems for water purification. Below are just a few of the reasons:

Icon of a gauge


Reverse osmosis is one of the most efficient methods of water purification

Icon of a forest


Reverse osmosis is environmentally friendly

Icon of salt shakers


Reverse osmosis systems don’t require recurring salt purchases

Icon of a reusable water bottle


Reverse osmosis purification leaves water tasting natural

Using a reverse osmosis system for office water purification also saves you the cost of buying bottled water, which you already know can add up quickly.

Why Use Aqua Chill Products?

No one should spend a significant part of the day without access to clean drinking water, which is why it’s important to have water available for your staff. Aqua Chill’s affordable bottleless water systems are the perfect solution for businesses because they…

South Congress bridge at sunset

Purify Water Better

There are over 100 contaminants monitored in municipal water sources, and countless more that appear in water but are not regulated. Water filtration methods such as carbon filters and sediment filters remove only a fraction of these.

Unlike carbon and sediment filters, Aqua Chill’s water systems use reverse osmosis to purify water. This process removes contaminants of every kind, from dirt and minerals to chemicals and heavy metals, down to the last particle leaving water pure and clean.

Photo of Barton Springs

Remove the Need for Bottles

Many companies try to solve the issue of contaminants in drinking water by buying bottled water for their office. This is not only expensive, but also generating so much plastic waste isn’t environmentally friendly.

Aqua Chill’s products perform the same purification process that bottled water goes through but right at the point of use. The point of use cleansing process uses reverse osmosis to remove contaminants and provide your business with clean, cool drinking water on demand. This means that if your business switches to a bottleless water cooler, Austin will become a greener place for everyone to live.

Let’s Find the Best Bottleless Water Cooler for Your Austin TX Business.