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Professional cleaner in Austin, TX wearing yellow rubber gloves and overalls, holding a spray bottle with a cleaning mixture for a water dispenser

Reminder—Your Water Dispenser Spigot Needs Disinfecting Essential Cleaning for Austin TX Business Water Dispenser Spigots

As a business owner, it’s important to ensure your workers have clean, safe water to drink, and one of the…
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Person drinking from a glass filled with water and plastic particles due to failure in the water filtration in Austin

How do Microplastics Get into Drinking Water? And Ways Office Water Coolers in Austin Can Help

Microplastics are tiny plastic particles that can make their way into people’s drinking water and other water sources. Too small…
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Construction worker wiping sweat from her forehead

Effects of Dehydration on Productivity

Most people try to be mindful of the amount of water in their diet and how hydration can help their…
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Employee pouring water from a tankless water cooler in Austin into glasses on a conference table

Encouraging Employee Hydration How Tankless Office Water Coolers Help

Today’s business world is constantly changing, and so are the needs of people. Millennials, for instance, are a generation that…
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Austin Frozen Plastic water bottle full of pure water thanks to filtration systems

Fact or Fiction? The Truth About Common Water Claims Facts From One of the Leading Austin Water Filtration Companies

When it comes to water, there are lots of misleading marketing claims out there. Nowadays, every company is coming up…
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refreshing glass of ice water

Skip Coffee: How Water Can Energize You Office Water Coolers in Austin

It is hard to imagine how much of an impact drinking water can have on your mood and performance. Studies…
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Glasses of water with orange slices from Water Cooler for Your Business Office in Austin, Tx

Benefits of Alkaline Water From Office Water Coolers in Austin, TX

Alkaline water is water that has a higher acidity level than regular drinking water. Acidity is measured in “PH level”…
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Person filling a bottle with tap instead of purified water from a tankless water cooler in Austin.

Avoiding Chemicals in Tap Water with a Tankless Water Cooler in Austin

Is it safe to drink tap water? This is a question a lot of people are asking themselves these days…
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A hand holding a glass of water with a blurred background.

How Filtered & Purified Water Can Improve Your Health & Immune System

We’ve been told it’s important drink water and stay hydrated all of our lives. Not drinking enough water can lead…
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A man taking a break from running to drink purified water in Austin, TX.

Tracking Your Water Intake Tips from Water Purification Pros in Austin

The benefits of water are innumerable. We need water to stay healthy, function properly, and perform at our best. It’s…
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Two colleagues discussing work in an office with a reusable water bottle nearby

Importance of Hydrating at Work How Austin Office Water Coolers Help

Staying properly hydrated is a key factor of a healthy lifestyle. Since the majority (roughly 60%) of our body weight…
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Man holding a beaker with purified water

How Does Reverse Osmosis Provide Water Purification in Austin?

How does water get purified? Well, reverse osmosis is one way. Reverse osmosis is important because water often absolutely needs…
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Discarded plastic bottle on a beach

The Cost of Buying Bottled Water vs. Tankless Water Systems in Austin

Bottled water is practically a staple in many parts of the planet in this day and age. Seemingly countless numbers…
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