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Downsides of Office Bulk Water Delivery & Austin Water Cooler Benefits


“There is usually a high affinity for quality when it comes to water in Austin Texas water for offices, mainly due to the significant demand for drinking water for employees as they go about their workday. Hydration is essential for daily functions, especially at work. Hence, bulk water delivery by trucks or other vehicles is a necessity in almost every office these days. Many office water coolers in Austin TX are necessary to refill with water that comes in those large bottles. These bottles are delivered usually once to two times a month in bulk and are really quite a hassle. There are benefits to having bulk water delivery in your office, but there are also drawbacks, such as;

1. Inefficient Use of Space

This is the major disadvantage of bulk delivery. Having enough water in a particular area to carry out more efficient work can be problematic. The containers used for bulk water delivery are often substantial in size, making it impossible to store them in small office spaces; some take up more space than most offices have to spare to store it all.

2. Higher Numbers of Plastic Waste

Plastic materials constitute the majority of water containers used for this process, and these materials are very hard to dispose of. The plastic waste from bulk water delivery can be found disposed of in landfills and other harmful places. This is bad for the environment.

3. Added Expenses to the Overall Costs

Bulk water delivery can be costly. Not only will you be paying for the water itself, but you will also be paying for the delivery cost, which does not need to be part of your monthly expenses if it can be avoided. This added cost can become a burden on your business and adds complications to your budgeting process.

4. Increases the Chances of an Accident

The size of the containers used for bulk water delivery can be considerable, making it hard to maneuver through areas in an office. Having a large amount of water being moved into an already cramped space can cause accidents, stress, and a lot of frustration for your employees. The large containers used for this process are also cumbersome, making it difficult to move without the proper equipment. Everyone is all to familiar with the burden of having to change the large heavy water bottle at the top of a water cooler that is refilled by bottles.

5. Causes Distractions

If the water is delivered during working hours, it may distract the working employees. This can have a great possibility of creating stress, which can be very detrimental to the health of your employees. Also, there is the possibility of employees becoming unproductive as they wait to meet the individual making the water delivery. As a result of this stress, many people end up forgetting things during their work day.

6. More Tedious to Return

If the water has a problem, it will not be easy to return the water or to get compensated for it. This will cause inconvenience for your office and can be very stressful if it is not handled professionally.

Bottom Line

Water is the most critical resource for all of us. It is our life source, and we need water to survive. If you work in an office and have had to deal with water coolers that use large bottles to refill them, you know how inconvenient it is. Additionally, bulk water delivery in an office can cause complications and stress if not handled properly and professionally. The best thing to do is to be prepared for this process and have a plan in place, so you do not let it affect your business or the health of your employees. The best plan of action is to purchase a bottleless water cooler for your office and say goodbye to water coolers that use plastic bottles.

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