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How Filtered & Purified Water Can Improve Your Health & Immune System


We’ve been told it’s important drink water and stay hydrated all of our lives. Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration (and, in serious cases, death), but have you ever wondered what all benefits your body receives from drinking the right amount of water—and not just enough to get by?

Why Hydration is Crucial

Water helps your body stay hydrated and avoid dehydration, which is a leading cause of sickness and death around the world. Water helps to keep your total body hydrated so you can prevent sickness and stay healthy. H2O keeps your cells hydrated, so they are strong and able to ward off disease and illness. It also has many other benefits, including helping to keep your skin hydrated, which is important because dry skin can allow the formation of many skin diseases and problems.

Weight Loss & Maintenance

Water is essential for a vigorous body and immune system. Water is also beneficial for weight loss and maintaining your ideal weight. When you drink plenty of water, it helps your digestive system work efficiently to burn more calories quickly. It also increases your endurance. Water enables you to absorb nutrients better and keeps your cells well-hydrated. It also helps keep your stomach full, which can lead to a reduced appetite.

Improves Your Blood

Water has amazing capabilities when it comes to removing impurities in your blood. As your immune system and white blood cells become overstressed, they can begin to attack healthy cells. Water helps keep these cells from being attacked and reduces the damage that they can do, while also making it easier for white blood cells to move around to compromised cells quickly. In addition, water also increases the flow of lymph fluid so that the lymph glands and other organs get the fluids they need.

Helps Balance Hormones

For many, hormonal imbalance can be a common issue that can impact daily life in a number of ways. As you already know, keeping your hormones in balance is one of the keys to good health. Water helps to flush hormones out of your system and keeps them from fluctuating to help you maintain proper levels.

Water Improves Healing Time

Water has also been known to slow down the progression of many illnesses and diseases, and aid in faster recovery. Water is important to the immune system because it helps to bind with infection and toxins in the blood and immune system and force them out of the body before they have time to harm your immune system. Water has been shown to reduce the healing time of severe injuries and helps to protect against cancer as well.

Water Cleans Your Insides

Water can act like a natural sponge that can help remove germs and bacteria from your body. However, the water you consume must be free of contaminants, otherwise you’ll just be introducing new germs into your body that it will have to fight off. Our water filtration solutions can give you easy access to water for your Austin business office and make your employee’s hydration more convenient.

Clean Water is the Key

Water can improve your immune system no matter how old you are. It is important to drink plenty of water to boost your immune system, stay healthy, maintain proper nutrition, and balance hormones. However, it’s important the water you drink is pure and clean of contaminants.

If you run a business in Austin and want to provide clean, refreshing water for your employees and guests, talk with Aqua Chill of Austin about water for your Austin business office. We can help you learn about how how bottleless and tankless water coolers can help keep everyone hydrated while reducing pollution in Austin, Tx!

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