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Ways Your Office Can Reduce Plastic Waste From your bottleless office water cooler supplier


There are all kinds of ways that you and your employees can cut back on plastic waste in your office. However, you might not necessarily know where to start.

Reducing plastic waste, not just in the office but globally, is becoming an increasingly important concern for us all. Here are several ways that you can successfully reduce plastic waste in your office.

Try Out Reusable Food and Drink Containers

You can start by using shared, reusable cups and plates for yourself and your office workers. Everyone in the office can reuse them for drinks like water, coffee, and soda. Containers are ideal to reuse for breakfast and during everyone’s lunch break. Doing this will cut back on the amount of disposable plates and cups your employees will need to use for their food and drinks. This can also help everyone to become more aware of how much plastic they typically throw out each week.

Make Use of Smaller Waste Bins Inside the Office

Office work is essential, but cutting back on the use of giant waste bins will help reduce plastic. Even if you use several smaller containers, you cut back on waste compared to one big container. Most people aren’t fans of being around garbage, so having smaller bins in the office can get your co-workers’ attention to cut back by not throwing away so much plastic. As an added bonus, smaller waste bins don’t look as unsightly as large ones either.

Ordering Bulk Deliveries Can Be a Plastic Saver

Having certain items delivered right to your office reduces waste, so it’s worth your time to look into using local delivery services. Whatever you and your co-workers need, you’ll be able to reduce waste as well as expenses if you order them in bulk. You will have more than enough materials that everyone needs with far less packaging compared to purchasing individually packaged items.

Also, why not organize a “green team” with all your employees? Everyone in the office can take turns by setting goals for the team to cut back and recycle plastic waste every week. Work out a timeline that everyone can agree on to make a difference.

Reduce the Amount of Plastic Items You Purchase

Next, be extra conscious of what items you buy because, although reusing plastic items you already have is good, it will make even more of a difference to not buy plastic products in the first place. What you decide to buy in plastic can be reduced with a bit of careful planning and consideration. If you order anything to be delivered, make sure to ask that the delivery doesn’t come in a plastic bag. If possible, try to pack your own lunches more often during the work week to avoid the heavy use of plastic packaging that comes with to-go orders from restaurants. Try using plastic-free items in the office. Everyone will soon see a big difference when they all cut back together.

Strive to Rid the Office of Plastic Altogether

It is good to be a role model. Do your part by giving your employees non-disposable plates, glasses of water, coffee mugs, water glasses and utensils instead of plastic ones. When everyone in the office uses these items for breakfast and during their lunch break, no plastic waste will be visible. If your office has a kitchen area, let everyone wash all these items before leaving for the day. Seeing a plastic-free office will boost your employees’ morale and encourage them to stick with the efforts!

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