A drinking water pH testing kit for use with a bottleless / tankless water cooler in Austin

The Ideal pH Level for Drinking Water To Optimize Your Bottleless / Tankless Cooler in Austin


Have you ever wondered what the best pH level for drinking water is? Quality tests are done on bottled water in order to ensure that they contain no contaminants, only contain safe minerals, and have a proper pH level. But what is the pH level that water bottling manufacturers strive to attain? Is that pH level present in tap water that we drink as well? Here are a few things to understand about pH levels and drinking water.

What is pH?

pH is a measurement to determine how acidic or basic water (or other liquids) is. Scientifically speaking, pH refers to how many electrically charged particles there are in a substance. Substances can be either acidic or alkaline. pH levels can range from 0 to 14, and acidic water is below 7 and alkali water is above 8 on the pH chart.

The Right pH is a Range

As with many things, there is no absolute right or wrong when it comes to drinking water pH levels. Rather, you want to attain a pH level in your drinking water that is within a safe range.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recommended that drinking water be in a range between 6.5 to 8.5 pH. Unfortunately, there is no legally enforceable standard for drinking water pH levels, so your tap water may not be within the ideal range… which can be problematic over time.

Why Does pH Matter for My Health?

The right pH balance is important for a number of reasons. Water with low pH levels (acidic water) can eat away at metals such as pipes. If you drink acidic tap water, you may be consuming metals such as lead, iron, and copper without knowing it.

pH matters because it greatly influences the pH within your body. The pH level that must be maintained within your human body is a very, very delicate balance. Any deviations from this balance can have serious implications. The human body maintains a consistent pH level of 7.35-7.45.

The human body consists of 60% water and is heavily reliant upon this liquid to sustain life. In order to be healthy, the average human being needs to consume at least eight cups of water per day. This water feeds the blood, the lymph and lubricates all of the major organs. It is no luxury.

Higher pH water can provide a number of benefits, such as better blood flow and better oxygen delivery throughout the body. Acidic water, on the other hand, can cause issues with your kidneys. These issues can make you sick, cause long term damage to tissue and organs, and can even lead to death in severe cases. This is not common, but it is worth noting–blood in the human body needs to maintain a pH balance of 7.4, and it’s a delicate balance that can be affected by your water intake.

Drink Safe with Purifying Water Coolers in Austin TX

If you’re drinking water from the tap, be sure to keep an eye on the pH levels from time to time to ensure they’re within the EPA’s recommended range. Alternatively, consider drinking water that has been purified and tested for quality. If you’re a business owner, providing your employees fresh water with bottleless water coolers can help keep them healthier and happier than only supplying tap, and can reduce waste vs offering bottled water.


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