3 upright bottleless business office water coolers for water filtration for offices in Austin, TX.

Bottleless Water Cooler Buyer’s Guide Water Filtration in Austin, TX


Bottleless water coolers are an investment, but the health benefits and convenience will be worth it for many families. And in some cases, purchasing a bottle-less water cooler can help you save money. If you’re thinking about buying one of these devices for your home, here are some things to consider before making your final purchase decision.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bottleless Water Cooler

Water Quality in Your Home

Every homeowner or soon to be homeowner should look at the quality of the water you have in your area before purchasing a bottle-less water cooler. If you can’t drink the water straight out of your tap, a bottled water cooler is likely to be very helpful. It will give you pure and clean water right in the comfort of your own home, with no plastic waste. Or you can even consider a reverse osmosis machine for your kitchen if you would like purified water right out of your tap.

Consider the Water Pressure

The water pressure from your faucet is another important factor when determining what kind of water to have in your home. The pressure will depend on where you live and the home’s setup. It takes a lot of pressure to run a 3-gallon bottle-less water cooler, so make sure that you have enough pressure coming from the faucet before getting one of these devices. If not, there are still ways around that issue, like using an external filter or storing the bottles somewhere else in your home.

Consider the Extras

Many bottled water tabletop coolers have a built-in water filter that helps purify the water. If you can’t find one, you should consider buying one with this feature. This may be more expensive, but it will pay off in the long run if you want to use a filtered water dispenser or are looking to reduce your carbon footprint in your home.

Additional Considerations

While trying to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth and using the right kind of water, there are several other factors that you will want to consider when purchasing a bottle-less water cooler for your home. These include:

Which Water Coolers are the Best

Though there are several kinds of water coolers on the market, including a few different varieties that can dispense hot water, one brand is still at the top of its class. Though there are other similar brands on the market, most families find that it’s worth spending a bit extra for a tried and true product that’s been around for many years.

Where to Buy

Another consideration when shopping for your water dispenser is where you should buy it from. Look for deals and discounts from local retailers to get your money’s worth and still get some of the great perks of buying from a trusted location.

Consider the Warranty

Finally, it would help to consider how long your water cooler would be covered under its warranty. The longer the warranty period, the more likely you will spend less on repairs in the long run.

Key Takeaway

Whether you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint or want to drink healthier water that’s been purified through water filtration, purchasing a bottle-less water cooler or reverse osmosis filtration system is the way to go. By following the tips in this article and considering the options listed above, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about your home’s water needs.

Water Coolers for Your Austin Business

When it comes to higher quality water for offices, there is no better choice than a bottleless water cooler for purer and cleaner water in Austin Tx. Here at Aqua Chill, we believe firmly in cutting back on the plastic waste that traditional water coolers contribute to with our bottleless water coolers. If you are interested in bottleless water coolers for your Austin business, give us a call or visit our website!

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