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Benefits of Alkaline Water From Office Water Coolers in Austin, TX


Alkaline water is water that has a higher acidity level than regular drinking water. Acidity is measured in “PH level” on a scale of 0–14 where larger numbers indicate higher acidity. While most drinking water exhibits a neutral PH of 7, Alkaline water has a PH of 8–9. Alkaline water is created via the process of ionization which helps it permeate into the cells easier, replenishing your body.

There are many health benefits to note when thinking of adding alkaline water to your diet:

Mineral Benefits

In addition to containing balancing agents within the solution, alkaline water is also rich with minerals like calcium, magnesium, silica, and bicarbonate.

The listed minerals above are integral in a healthy immune system. Alkaline water also contains antioxidants which can decrease oxidative stress—a phenomenon that research has indicated to be responsible for most of the ailments that affect daily living and tend to increase with ageing. Alkaline water can reduce, thus promoting cellular growth and keeping your internal systems healthy.

Bone Loss Prevention

Since calcium plays an important role in bone development and maintenance, it is one of the most pronounced benefits of alkaline water. Dietary calcium has been shown to slow down the bone reabsorption process that comes with aging, even reversing this process in some cases. Bone resorption is essentially “bone shrinking” which results in a loss of bone density, leading to more fragile bones. Alkaline water assists with bone growth and decreasing bone loss.

Digestive Health & Acid Reflux

Alkaline water can function as a neutralizing agent for the enzyme pepsin which is often responsible for causing the symptoms associated with acid reflux. When this enzyme is present in just the right amount, the stomach’s acid is balanced and does not act up.

In addition to promoting stomach health, alkaline water can also create homeostasis in the colon through PH balance. Your digestive system is high in PH because it is responsible for digesting fats, and absorption of nutrients, and alkaline water can help to promote just the right PH levels for this purpose.

Skin Benefits

Drinking alkaline water on a daily basis has beneficial results both in the cosmetic realm and the factors that affect your skin at a deep level. The antioxidants present in ionized water help stabilize the membranes present in your cells to balance your body’s metabolic interactions. This can reduce the superficial parts of your skin that may be prone to dark spots or fine lines—and also improve the quality of your skin cells to promote natural luminescence.

Weight Loss

Alkaline water assists with what is called resting metabolic rate. Your metabolism is a complex mechanism consisting of a series of functions that aid in the absorption of nutrients and conversion into energy which we call calories. Resting metabolic rate measures the energy that is required for your body to engage in essential functions that maintain your respiratory, circulatory, and neurological systems while your body is at rest. Studies have shown that drinking at least 400 mL per day could increase the efficiency of how your body converts energy, thus helping with not only weight loss, but also helping you make the most out of your day.

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