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The Cost of Buying Bottled Water vs. Tankless Water Systems in Austin


Bottled water is practically a staple in many parts of the planet in this day and age. Seemingly countless numbers of people rely on it on a daily basis. Many people don’t realize, however, that bottled water, whether that be single-use bottles or large bottles for workplace coolers, may have more costs associated with it than the price tag would suggest. There are actually a plenitude of “covert” costs that are linked to bottled water use.

Bottled Water Is Expensive

Even just looking at the monetary expense, bottled water costs can add up rapidly. Drinking this type of water can be rough on any bank account. Why exactly is that? A single gallon of water that’s bottled is more expensive than actual gasoline.

Bottled Water Can Be Detrimental to Human Beings

You should never do anything without seriously considering how it may influence your health and well-being. If you analyze the situation with bottled water, then you may eventually realize that it can do a number on your health. That’s a major “cost” that you may have to pay with the passing of time. Bottled water is made out of plastic that can gradually make its way inside of the liquid. This is particularly possible any time bottled water has been around excessive heat or sunlight. If you want to steer clear of possibly taking in leached chemicals from plastic, then you should say goodbye to routine bottled water use, period.

How else can bottled water wreak havoc onto the humans of the planet? Professionals who work in the bottled water field utilize and empty out aquifers and wells with frequency. They often do this in nations that have citizens who rely on these water supplies as a means of nourishing themselves. Fiji is an example of a place that has been negatively impacted by the bottled water division. There are so many individuals there who simply aren’t able to get their hands on fresh water regularly.

Bottled Water Can Do a Number on the Planet and the Environment

Plastic bottle production is a pretty expensive thing in terms of natural resources. It calls for roughly 17 million total oil barrels annually. That isn’t where the problems end, either. Single-use water bottles have substantial energy expenses as well. Manufacturers have to utilize between three and five liters of pure water just to create enough plastic to bottle a single liter of water.

It’s safe to assume that the majority of these bottles do not go through recycling. That paves the way for bottles hanging out in waste sites forever. There are parts of the United States that are basically havens for tiny bits of plastic. This waste can eventually make its way to the ocean due to rain fall and drainage.

Bottled Water Can Be Hazardous to Wildlife

Animal lovers often have major concerns about how problematic bottled water can be to the wild creatures of the world. Plastic of all sorts can be particularly detrimental to animals that live in rivers and the ocean. By generating more plastic waste, bottled water consumption can indirectly force animals to have to go through deaths that are immensely difficult. If you’re an individual who wants to do something positive for the planet and for all of its wonderful residents, then it may be in your best interests to learn as much as you can about bottled water and take steps to reduce your consumption whenever possible.


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