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The Environmental Benefits of Bottleless Water Coolers in Austin, TX


There is an old saying that water is life. Water is indeed an essential part of all living existence and maintenance of life, and we humans are no exceptions. As the years have pasts, humans have discovered different ways to make water more accessible for human consumption. From the invention of the bucket to the installation of indoor plumbing and the convenience of the water bottle, history is laden with ways we have made it easier to have access to water for our daily use. Although some of these inventions have been great, some have not fared out so well—especially for the environment. One in particular is the plastic bottle. Although it has made carrying water a lot more convenient, plastic bottles have negatively affected the environment in a very unfortunate way. You can see evidence of this in landfills, in the streets, and floating in the oceans all over the world.

To combat this global problem, new innovations are being put forward in places many would least expect. One such case is the way that workplace water coolers are designed and used.

What is a Bottleless Water Cooler?

Basically, a Bottleless Water Cooler is a machine that dispenses water without the traditional plastic bottle on top that holds the liquid. With bottleless coolers, the system takes water directly from the waterline. This eliminates the use of plastic bottles. This system is not only ingenious, but it also comes with a host of major benefits.

The Benefits of a Bottleless Water Cooler

It Generates Less Waste

This is the most obvious benefit. Studies have shown that 90% of plastic water bottles end up as garbage, and about 1.5 million tons of plastic are used globally each year for water bottles. So why not help the environment by removing some of those numbers of plastic out of the equation? A bottleless water cooler requires no plastic bottles whatsoever.

It’s Low Maintenance

Most people who own or work in an office will understand the hassle it is to replace the water bottles in the dispenser. You have to remember to call the water replacement, or you might go a day or two with no drinking water. The bottles are heavy and take up a lot of storage space, and there is always the possibility of water spills when changing the bottles. With most bottleless coolers, once the system is installed, you only need to change the water filter every 6 months or so.

It’s A Healthier Choice

It is a fact that plastic bottles have the tendency to leak out chemicals into whatever liquid they are holding. But with a Bottleless system, since the water comes directly from the waterline, you can rest assured that no chemicals are leaking into your drinking water.

It’s Cost Effective

The fact that you never have to pay to refill another water bottle again should be reason enough to consider replacing your old water cooler with a Bottleless system. Mother earth will thank you.

Get Your Bottleless Water Cooler in Austin TX

Are you ready to leave bottles behind? If you’re a business owner in the Austin area who’s interested in switching to bottleless coolers for your workplace, give us a call at Aqua Chill of Austin. You’ll be investing in a more cost-effective solution while at the same time contributing to a lower carbon footprint for your business.

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