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Reducing Water Waste at Home While Enjoying Purified Water in Austin


Are you a brand new homeowner trying to be proactive about saving money? Do you have a really large family and the water bill is through the roof? Do you want to be more accountable and adopt more eco-friendly practices in your everyday life? Excellent! Today we’ll provide clarity that will hopefully link pleasure with conserving resources and mindfulness.

Why Water Conservation Matters

John Wooden said, “Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.” That understanding is absolutely applicable to every thing we do in this life, including saving water. Many people perceive saving water to be frivolous because they have never experienced any unfavorable circumstances like running out of hot water, low water pressure, or unfiltered water. We should value experiences like the Flint Michigan water crisis because that can happen anywhere and anytime. You never truly know where your helping hand can save a life or help another family.

Coffee Break Showers

In college, one became good friends with coffee break showers because, often times when you overdid the fun the night prior, you’d oversleep and get up with only minutes to spare. Our dormitory Superintendent would host quarterly meetings in the lobby and educate everyone on the damage college kids can have on building expenses. Did you know that baths use up to seventy gallons of water and that five minute showers use twenty-five gallons of water? Think about it. Perhaps you can learn to save more money by installing low-flow showerheads that emit a little under three gallons of water per minute. You could also have Alexa set a five minute timer to keep you honest, or you could pull up the timers on Youtube. If you’re an overachiever, you could even experiment with taking two minute cold showers. Those can benefit you well beyond the water bill.

Take a peak at your water leak

Did you know that Americans abuse well over a trillion gallons of water a year because of water leaks alone? Very scary stuff. So if you have friends or relatives with fussy water leaks they’re ignoring, hold them accountable and let them know how that affects everyone. Water leaks unfortunately allow four thousand gallons of water to go to waste daily, which equates to a little over three thousand loads of laundry. You do the math.

Perm Press: More or Less?

Did you know that the Perm Press cycle on your washer uses an additional five gallons to clean your clothes? Maybe not, but whether you live in a large household or live by yourself, it’s essential that you take more care to wash full loads and not the three socks and four t-shirts in your laundry basket. This strategy will help you save electricity, time and effort, and it can be applied to your dishwashers as well. A wise man said, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.”

Save to Shave

Dads can largely do their part in helping by training young boys to shave with a sink full of water instead of letting the water run wastefully. There’s usually a stopper that you can plug the sink with, and from there you can dip your razor in the water to rinse. It may sound uncomfortable in the beginning, but just be sure to clean up the mess when you’re done. This can also be applied to brushing your teeth. You’ll find yourself becoming more responsible, and that proactiveness and care will expand to other sides of your life.

Toilet aka The Waste basket

Did you know that we use five to seven gallons of water every time we flush something down the toilet? Well, we do. These days, we use the toilet to dispose of everything from food to paper, hair and more, and it’s a dreadful waste. Let’s cut back on the abuse and stick with actual garbage cans.

There are so many more ways we can affect the bottom line and do our part. If you adopt some of these, you’re brain will help you prioritize them and help you find more ways to save. Again, everyone doesn’t have access to clean, healthy water. There is no guarantee that you’ll always have it either, so pitch in and pay it forward.

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