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Cold vs. Room Temperature Drinking Water – Benefits for Your Body Temperature Options for Your Office Water Cooler in Austin


While bottleless workplace water coolers are quickly catching on in offices around the world, one thing that’s still being debated is whether cold or room-temperature water is better. Some people even claim that one or the other could be bad for you. Is this true? Let’s take a look at the benefits, and potential drawbacks if any, of cold and hot drinking water.

The Benefits of Cold Drinking Water

Drinking cold water may seem like the default way to go for most people since many consider it to just taste better than drinking room temperature water. That said, there are some tangible benefits to drinking cold water. Firstly is the fact that it can help even out your core temperature when exercising. This can make it the go-to choice if you’re in the middle of a workout routine, or getting ready for your morning jog.

There is another way to take advantage of the way that cold water affects your core body temperature, and that’s weight loss. Since your body always works to maintain a certain core temperature, drinking cold water can cause it to burn more calories to maintain its balance.

Drawbacks of Cold Drinking Water

There are a few drawbacks to drinking cold water that you should also know about. For one thing, it tends to promote nasal congestion due to thickening nasal mucous. This is one reason why people turn to hot water when they’re sick so that they can breathe a little easier.

Research has also shown that drinking cold water could trigger migraines in people who already experience migraines. It could also trigger achalasia which is a condition that makes it difficult to move food through your esophagus.

Benefits of Room Temperature Drinking Water

While cold water tends to make the digestive system contract, warm water has the opposite effect, causing everything to remain relaxed and move smoothly. This makes it a good idea to drink room temperature water when having a meal or when constipated.

Warm water is also a good idea when dealing with pain caused by inflammation. This is because warm water stimulates blood flow which can help decrease inflammation.

Drawbacks of Room Temperature Drinking Water

There is no downside to drinking room temperature water in most cases. While you may lose out on some of the benefits provided by cold water, it tends to be a better “all-purpose” option, while cold water is more for specialized needs.

One thing to keep in mind though is the fact that if you’re trying to take things to the next level and drink warm or hot water, you do need to be very careful of burning yourself. In some cases, testing the water by sticking the tip of your finger in isn’t a good indicator since water that feels okay to your finger may still be hot enough to burn your throat.

Bottleless Water Makes it Easy to Choose

The great thing about water filtration for offices in Austin Texas systems is the fact that they make it easy to switch between cold water and room temperature water. Some can even provide hot water options as well. This allows you to enjoy the water at the temperature you prefer at home, or in the workplace with ease.


If you’re not sure which water filtration system for offices in Austin Texas will fit best for your work or home, don’t hesitate to contact a supplier of water coolers in Austin, such as Aqua Chill. We can help you provide water for offices in Austin TX with compare systems’ features and prices before you purchase to ensure you get the best office water cooler in Austin for your business or home.

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