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Employee Perks that Will Get Workers Back to the Office From your Bottleless Water Cooler Supplier in Austin TX


As everyone heads back into the office, employers are starting to offer more perks to returning employees. Gone are the days where scooters and skateboards zoom around the office and attract people to come work in a “hip” office environment. People are weary and looking for an employee-friendly environment that caters to their real needs.

Looking back over the past year, companies find that employees working remotely grew accustomed to flexibility, the ability to care for their children, no commute, taking breaks, and eating whenever they needed a pick me up. So what can companies and offices do to compete with remote working from home or someone’s favorite coffee shop? Well, it’s time for businesses to not only think about how best to help employees transition back but, but to also create an environment that is supportive and unique.

Start with Flexibility

What employees are looking for is an increase in flexibility. Employees don’t want to work a standard 9–5 with small breaks in between. What if they need to pick up their kids early? Or if they’re not a parent, what if that dental appointment couldn’t be made at any other time than one in the afternoon? The point is that life often gets in the way of work, and employees need to be prepared for workers that are accustomed to managing their own time. Adjusting starting and ending times is another way that businesses can stagger their workforce and accommodate non-traditional schedules. Especially in the beginning, allowing workers to work remotely on some days and come into the office on others will be a huge step in attracting and keeping talent.

Consider Working Parents

Working parents have become accustomed to being able to care for their children on their own schedule. Not having to worry about childcare or doctor’s appointments is one of the many positive aspects of working from home. Employers might not be able to replicate all the conveniences of working from home, but there are some perks they can offer. Providing on-site childcare is one option that employers have for giving parents flexibility. Another option is offering flexibility in scheduling should child care fall through. It’s important to make sure that this flexibility of perks with equivalent value is offered to all employees, not just parents.

Get it to Go

Another perk that employers can offer is having dinner meal packs to go. That way, employees don’t have to worry about rushing home to get dinner ready and can have a relaxing evening. This is important as employees look for ways to separate work from home and free themselves from all the stress that an office can bring.

Gathering Around the Water Cooler

One important thing missing from remote work is often the camaraderie of co-workers. Smart employers will have a bottleless water cooler with pure, refreshing water to keep everyone hydrated. While it may seem simple, a water cooler is a timeless employee perk that never goes out of style. Choosing a bottleless cooler in San Marcos, TX can signal to employees that a company is conscientious and cares about the environment as well as its employees.

If you’re looking for a tankless or bottleless water coolers for your business in Austin TX, consider contacting Aqua Chill of Austin today!
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