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Guide to Buying a Bottleless Water Cooler for Your Business Bottlleless Water Coolers for the Office


A bottleless water cooler is a dispensing machine that does not use a bottle to distribute water. Compared to the ancient coolers where the water is held in a bottle on the top, a bottleless one draws water directly from the source and has several advantages. Clean drinking water is an essential part of any workplace to keep your staff hydrated, and a bottleless cooler is the best way to deliver clean, safe water. Here is a guide that will help you determine the best bottleless water cooler in Kyle, TX for your workplace.

Problems Associated with Drinking Water

  • Varying Taste: water from tap systems differs in flavor depending on the region and difficulty of the distribution system. The Taste comes from various compounds and minerals present in the water.
  • Hygiene: major water sources have been polluted because of several human activities and industrialization. You must be careful because the dangerous compounds deposited will cause severe health hazards if consumed.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Bottleless Water Cooler

  • The Capacity: bottleless water coolers are manufactured in different capacities to serve you depending on the requirements of the cooler. Always consider the number of your employees when purchasing one. A small office with few staff members will need a small bottleless water cooler for the staff compared to giant corporations with large workforces.
  • The Manufacturer’s reputation: several companies manufacture bottleless water coolers in the Austin market that work well for business, but that does not always guarantee the perfect quality they usually advertise. Do a background check on the supplier by analyzing online reviews and picking the one with higher ratings and recommendations. You can also ask close associates that have already bought one.
  • The Cost: different manufacturers charge different prices on their water coolers. It’s your job to select the one that ranges within your budget limits to avoid any problems with your finances.

Benefits Of Using a Bottleless Water cooler in Your Business

There are many advantages you will experience when you install a bottleless water cooler, including

  • They Help Your Office Go Green: If you use an old-fashioned bottle cooler, the process of getting water to your office involves using trucks that emit harmful compounds to the environment. Similarly, the water is packed in non-degradable plastic bottles. Recycling them creates an endless system that is not safe for the environment. However, a Bottleless water cooler directly purifies the water tap making it eco-friendly and eliminating this carbon trail.
  • They Are Cost Friendly: purchasing bottled company water for every staff member is very costly. Your business will experience huge water bills every month, which can be avoided by buying an efficient bottleless water cooler. The employees will enjoy clean drinking water that has been purified within the premises. By doing so, the savings can be used for other investments within the business.
  • They Provide Constant Supply of Clean Water: water bottles carry a limited amount of water. If there is a problem with delivery, a lot of time will be wasted looking for an alternative. If you have a bottleless water cooler, you will experience a constant water supply because it functions within your premises.

Businesses can benefit greatly when they switch to bottleless water coolers. These systems provide a constant supply of fresh, clean water without the need for bottle storage or delivery. This can lead to cost savings, environmental benefits, and overall convenience for employees and customers. Make the switch to bottleless water coolers today!

Bottom Line

A Bottleless water cooler is an important machine that should not be overlooked on your business premises because of its efficiency. However, always be careful about the supplier you settle on to ensure that you receive the quality you deserve.

Bottleless Water Coolers for the Office

If after reading this article you still have any questions or  you would like to speak to a professional about Bottleless Water Coolers, call Aqua Chill of Austin or visit our website today!

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