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Ways to Make Drinking Water More Interesting Tankless Water Coolers in Austin, Tx


Drinking water daily is an essential practice because of its benefits to our bodies. It flushes out toxins, helps make digestion easier, regulates body temperature, and balances sugar levels. Regardless of these benefits, water is not the most interesting drink. Therefore, some people may find it hard to drink it every day as recommended. However, there are many ways to make it more interesting. This article aims at informing you about these ways.

1. Use Fruit Ice

Fruit is an excellent appetizer because of its sweet taste. Very few people can resist fruity-flavored things. So, adding some fresh fruit into your ice cubes and then putting them into the water you are drinking will make it a more interesting drink for sure.

2. Make Tea

Drinking tea can have many benefits to the body. Not only does brewing tea make your drink that much more flavorful, it also has added health benefits. Many types of tea is fortified with vitamins such as vitamin c and other things that can be beneficial to your health.

3. Eat Something Spicy

Although this is an unusual suggestion, Eating spicy things such as chilies will increase your metabolism, as well as your thirst, which in turn will prompt you to drink more water.

4. Sip Water More Often

This works well, especially when you are working out. You should always carry a water bottle and take regular sips during the breaks. It helps you hydrate since you are losing water through sweating. Also, taking small sips throughout the day can really help maximize the amount of water your drinking without you even noticing it.

5. Go Herbal

Herbals such as ginger, mint leaves, and lemongrass make water taste great when you add them. It is recommended to try them out. They can also have added benefits such as aiding in digestion, nausea, and other things.

6. Eat Water-based Foods

Water-based fruits such as cucumbers, watermelon, and grapefruit can supply your body with the water it requires. They will also keep you energized and can give you good sources of vitamins.

7. Switch to Carbonated Water

The advantage of carbonated water is that it sometimes has natural flavorings that are not added with any sweeteners. So, it has no negative effects on your body such as soda does. If you are an avid soda drinker, you can try replacing your daily sodas with some flavored carbonated water to trick your brain into thinking your having a soda. And on the plus side you can drink as many of these carbonated waters as your body desires, unlike soda.

8. Involve your Close Friends

You can make it a goal between you and your friends to ensure that you drink a certain amount of water in a day. Doing this will keep you motivated and interested in drinking water.

9. Try a Water Purifier or bottleless Water Cooler

Water that comes from a water purifier will taste much better and more neutral than water from other sources. Many purifiers also have temperature controls so you can choose to have room temp, cold, or even hot water. Having a bottleless water cooler can greatly affect the amount of water you drink in a day since the water is so easily accessible and tastes great.

In conclusion, water has many benefits for our bodies. So, if you may find it hard to drink plain water at times, you can use the above ways to help make drinking water more interesting and fun. If you are interested in possibly trying out a bottleless water cooler or water purifier, contact Aqua Chill of Austin to help you pick one out!

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