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Improve Office Water Efficiency With Business Water Coolers in Austin


Annually, three trillion gallons of water get wasted, translating to over $18 billion in expenses. While everyone can work to reduce their water use at home, there’s only so much an individual can do on their own. As a business owner, however, you can make a significant impact by reducing the amount of water your workplace consumes. There are numerous ways your business can preserve precious resources and reduce utility expenses to boot. You can increase your workplace water efficiency by taking the following steps.

Benchmark and Audit

With a water benchmark, you can find an estimate of the amount of water any specific industrial sector should utilize in a given time. You can then monitor the consumption rates in your company and see where it measures up to the benchmark for your sector.

Using the insight you gain from the benchmark, perform an audit to implement better consumption practices and adjust the consumption patterns. Create an effective water program for your organization to save up on both costs and water usage. Have saving targets that will create saving opportunities.

Investigation and Case Study

Monitor your water usage and identify all the areas that need to be corrected to save more water. Some available options to save water can be.

  • Reducing the flow of water
  • Installing water-saving equipment
  • Replacing faulty equipment
  • Recycling, treating and adopting water reuse practices

Case studies from other industries may provide better insight on how best to save water in your company. Such information is in annual reports or sustainability reports. These can help you to find the best way to increase your workplace’s water efficiency.

Native Plants and Irrigation System Improvements

Landscaping with plants that are native to your area may save you a lot of water. Research and discuss with your landscaper about the most suitable plants to have on your property. Planting drought-tolerant plants is a great way to reduce water use.

Additionally, you can install an irrigation system that senses the soil watering needs with rain sensors. The system can effectively cut your utility bills while drastically saving many gallons of water from being wasted.

Efficient Technology in Kitchen Areas

The kitchen is an area where water consumption rates can be improved and regulated. Here are some of the changes to implement.

  • Use a pre-rinse spray valve to rinse the office dishes
  • Get boiler-less technology steamers instead of boiler-based food steamers
  • Use filters for garbage disposals

Employee Education

Cultivate a culture within the workplace that takes pride in water efficiency practices. When everyone contributes to saving water, the plan for water conservancy works out seamlessly. Create awareness to ensure more workers are monitoring water usage in the workplace.

There can be incentives to encourage the staff to cooperate in the water saving processes. Performance reviews can include resource conservation, especially for line managers. Holding regular meetings to establish a baseline for water use and achievable targets may increase your workplace’s water efficiency. Strategies like this can also work to reduce plastic consumption in the workplace.

Financial Assistance

If you find it financially challenging to fund a more environmentally friendly investment, ask for help. The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Division can assist in the green acquisition. Check with your utility company to confirm your tax credits and incentives for better decisions.

Water-saving Appliances and Fixtures

You can cut out on water usage by using equipment with high water-efficiency rates. Checking your leaks and replacing faulty faucets is advisable. Regularly change outdated fixtures to reduce water wastage.


Minor adjustments can translate to significantly reduced costs as you conserve the environment’s resources. Create a water management plan that monitors water usage in your workplace, and you’ll get to reap the financial benefits while knowing that your business practices are more sustainable.

If you’re looking for a water cooler for your office in Austin TX, consider contacting Aqua Chill today to see how we can help!
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