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Skip Coffee: How Water Can Energize You Office Water Coolers in Austin


It is hard to imagine how much of an impact drinking water can have on your mood and performance. Studies show that dehydration can make you feel as sluggish as being drunk, but a simple glass of water and some electrolytes may be all you need to feel refreshed again. Below are some of the wonders water does for the body.

1. Water Keeps Your Cells Hydrated

The difference between hydration and dehydration is the presence of water in your cells. The cells in the body break down food into fuel. To use this fuel, they need a supply of oxygen and water (also called nutrients) required to do their job. Without enough of these nutrients, the work done by your cells will be much slower and inefficient, leaving you feeling tired out. Without enough water, your body will suffer from dehydration symptoms, including headaches or fatigue, just as it would without food.

2. Water Increases Energy Levels

Did you know that drinking water can increase your energy levels? The signs of dehydration are tiredness, headaches, and fatigue. These symptoms can also signify not enough nutrients reaching your cells—much like dehydration, but on a slower scale over time if ignored.

One of the main functions of water in the body is to support optimal cellular metabolism. In other words, water delivers the oxygen and fuel needed to burn the nutrients you eat or drink, giving you energy and leaving little wasted.

3. Water Keeps Your System Healthy

Water protects your body from the damage caused by free radicals. These free radical molecules, produced during cellular metabolism, can cause inflammation and oxidative stress throughout your body, leading to disease and illness. Water protects the cells around these free radicals by absorbing them and keeping your systems healthy.

4. Water Helps Your Body Flush out Toxins

The cells in our bodies can rid themselves of nasty toxins via chelation. The chelating process is greatly helped when we ingest water because it helps flush out these toxins from the body so that they cannot damage our cells or organs.

5. Water Helps Your Body Lose Weight

Water helps us lose excess weight through several mechanisms. First, water fills you up so that you eat less food and avoid over-eating. Also, water helps create a feeling of fullness, which is the brain’s way of telling you to stop eating. Lastly, water keeps your system healthy by helping your kidneys work better and prevent disease and illness, which would leave you feeling tired and your body wasting away from the inside out.

6. Water Keeps Your Brain Alert

The body is around 50% water, and the brain is nearly 80%. The brain’s job is to take the information you give it and make sense of it. The brain needs good quality water or hydration to do its job well. Without good-quality hydration, your brain will be slow and unable to think as quickly as it should.

Key Takeaway

While we don’t need as much water as we think, most of us do not drink enough. A good guideline is to drink half of your body weight in ounces every day. If you weigh 150 pounds, this means 75 ounces of water daily. If you exercise regularly or live in a hot environment, it may be a good idea to add a little more than this amount. Keeping up with your hydration needs is key to staying alert and energized throughout the day.

If you’re looking to provide your employees with business water coolers for offices in Austin Texas, consider contacting Aqua Chill of Austin TX to see how we can help!

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