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The Many Ways Drinking Only Water Can Save You Money

Did you know that you can enjoy significant savings if you opt to drink water instead of beverages? Yes, you read that right. Drinking water instead of store bought beverages makes economic sense, especially if your goal is living healthy while on a budget.

How regularly do you stop at the gas station for gas and then purchase one or more beverages? You are not alone if your answer is “very often.” Many Americans spend a few extra bucks on sodas and other beverages only to take a few sips and then get rid of the drinks. Moreover, millions of Americans spend more than $2 on expensive coffee during routine stops for gas, commutes, and on road trips to get energized.

So, one question stands out when you assess how much an average American family spends on beverages. Is it really worth it? The short answer is no. Here are some of the many ways drinking mostly water can save you money.

Request for Tap Water at Restaurants

Eating out is always fun. We bet you also agree that the more, the merrier. But did you know that eating out can be costly, especially when you buy beverages for everyone at the dining party? You can save up to 20$ on drinks if you politely request the waiter or restaurant attendant for water.

Why should I “politely” ask for tap water? You might not have noticed this, but most eateries or restaurants sell bottled water. Of course, yes. Some restaurants sell water that is bottled and branded in-house. As you can see, these establishments will lose money if you drink tap water instead of bottled water, and this is why it’s always safe to request for tap water politely if they have water for sale.

Bring Along Your Water Bottle To Work or School

Most schools and organizations have a cafeteria where you can buy your favorite beverages and other drinks. You might be lucky if the cafeteria in your institution subsidizes the prices of drinks like coffee, tea, sodas, etcetera.

The best thing to do if you are on a budget is to bring a water bottle to work or school. Most of these establishments have water fountains that provide free access to drinking water. Also, note that safe tap water available in fountains and other water spots will help you save money every year.

Keep a Water Bottle in the Car

You can save money by only drinking water, which is why keeping a water bottle in the car is essential. While over 39% of Americans are unsatisfied with the size of cup holders since they restrict them from bringing larger bottles of beverages, individuals who want to save money shouldn’t focus on the size of their car’s cup holders.

Instead, they should always bring along a water bottle on every car trip since this will help them access safe drinking water from fountains and other public water sources. A water bottle safely tucked away in your car will help you save hundreds of dollars year-round since it will help you tone down on buying beverages and other bottled drinks.


If you are looking to save money and also reap the benefits that come from consuming more water, looking into drinking only water is a really good idea. Of course, you will want to drink other beverages too such as coffee, milk, and tea. But the main importance is that you will be cutting out the drinks that have huge markups and avoiding contributing to the vast amount of waste that those products create. Investing in a bottleless water cooler and committing to drinking mostly water is a way to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars a  year.


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