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You Could Be Dehydrated and Not Even Know It Tips From Your Office Water Filtration in Austin Experts


Water is life. Our bodies are made of water. Your body can’t function if it does not have enough water. To take on your daily activities and stay healthy, you need to drink water every day. Often, people ignore how important water is and go days without drinking plain water. This can be problematic because your body can become very dehydrated in this time. 

 Dehydration can cause a lot of damages to the body for those who go for days without water. Your body loses a lot of fluid when you are sweating or performing other activities. Without you taking water to compensate for what is being taken out, it can lead to dehydration, resulting in sickness. You may even end up having health issues due to dehydration. You may be wondering, oh no, am I dehydrated? Well, below we are going to discuss the signs that you might be dehydrated and how to fix this.

Discoloration of the skin and halitosis

 Does your mouth stink? It could be a result of insufficient fluid in your mouth. Your saliva supply could be diminished, causing bacteria in the mouth to multiply, resulting in smelly breath. The bacterium in the saliva helps fight the bacterium that causes bad breath. If the saliva is diminished because your body doesn’t have enough water, the bacteria will increase, resulting in a foul smell. Another importance of water is that it keeps your skin glowing and healthy. If you don’t drink enough water daily, your skin color changes and can look less youthful as well.

Body Exhaustion

 Have you been wondering why you feel tired almost all the time? It could be your body does not have a large enough supply of water. Dehydration has many effects on the body. It can cause the slow function of the body since there is not enough flow to the brain. Another side effect of dehydration is that your blood pressure may be low, causing dizziness, hence the feeling of tiredness. To prevent this, ensure you are drinking water throughout the day to remain active.

Brain Feeling Slow?

 Your brain needs enough body fluid for efficient function. If your brain doesn’t get enough blood flow, the brain won’t function properly and that can slow its progress. This can lead to headaches, poor thinking, and your attention span can be affected as well. Try and ensure you are drinking a glass of water at minimum every couple of hours to avoid this from happening. 

Pain in the Muscles

 Muscle cramps occur when your muscles don’t have enough water to keep them functioning. When your body has an insufficient amount of fluid, the water that your body has managed to store is directed to other vital organs like the heart and away from the muscles. Because the body knows the heart is vital for bodily function, it will take precedence over the muscles and the result will be pain in your muscles as they do not have the water needed to lubricate them. 

interferes with your daily workouts

 Our cells need water to make energy for our bodies. Our bodies need energy for workouts. If you plan on being active during your day in the form of working out or even just being on your feet a lot, it is important to ensure you get enough water to keep you going. Water is a vital part of the process our body undergoes to make ATP (Adenosine Tri- Phosphate) which is a vital resource in how our bodies function and produce usable energy from the foods that we eat. When you do not have as much fluid in your body, it can make it even harder to pump blood to your muscles and organs which can make you feel as though you don’t have the energy to get through your work out. 


 If you drink enough water, you can keep your body functioning well. The amount of water you need daily will depend on the type of activity you are involved in. But at minimum, an adult should consume about three liters of water daily. If you break up your daily water needs into multiple servings of water throughout the day, it can be much easier to meet your water needs. If you are looking for an Austin TX bottleless water dispensers to help you improve your drinking water habit at home or at your office, Aqua Chill is the business for you. As one of the leading companies in Austin Water coolers for business and homes, we would be happy to help!

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