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How Tankless Office Water Coolers Boost Productivity & Sustainability


There are a lot of benefits to having a bottleless water cooler in the office, and the most obvious one is that it will help save bottles. This has an incredibly positive impact on the environment since plastic waste is one of the planet’s biggest problems right now. However, bottless water coolers can also help businesses in a variety of other ways as well, both in terms of sustainability and productivity. Let’s take a look at the benefits of having a bottleless water cooler in the office.

Save Money

This is the big productivity benefit that most businesses think about when installing a bottleless water cooler in their office in Austin, Tx. Since there isn’t a plastic tank that will have to be constantly replaced, the cooler won’t require any extra expenditure. Yes, it will have a slight effect on the water bill since the water is coming straight from the pipes, but this is negligible in the grand scheme of things, and almost always cheaper than having to constantly replace plastic tanks.

Save Time

Saving time is another big benefit of having a bottleless water cooler in the office. This is because replacing the plastic tank of a standard water cooler can be a hassle, taking up time that employees could be spending more productively. In fact, some standard water coolers have a program where you need to trade in your water tank to get a new one. While this may sound convenient at first, it can quickly become a headache to deal with every time you need more water.

Improving the Supply Chain

One benefit that rarely gets talked about when it comes to using bottleless water dispensers at the office in Austin is that they are very good for creating a more environmentally friendly supply chain. Standard coolers use up fuel to perform tasks such as sourcing bottled water and transporting it. This of course has an overall negative effect on the environment, which can add up over the years and decades.

To put this into perspective, consider the fact that the Pacific Institute discovered in a 2007 study that it takes around 17 million barrels of oil to create the plastic that makes the bottles of water that Americans used in 2006 alone. Even worse is the fact that Stanford University did an updated study in 2018 that showed that the number of oil barrels being used to make the plastic had increased to a massive 50 million per year. And that’s not even counting the fuel used to transport the water bottles.

Not Running Out of Water at An Inconvenient Time

If you’re using a standard water cooler, then inevitably it will run out of water at the worst time possible. Sure, you can instruct your employees to replace the bottle when it’s getting low, but then you’re just wasting water and plastic. Bottleless water dispensers on the other hand don’t have this problem at all in Austin. As long as the water is turned on in your office building, you’ll have access to unlimited drinking water when you need it.

Bottless Water Coolers Are Good for the Planet, and for Your Business

The fact that bottleless water coolers are such a great investment for both your business and the planet as a whole is a win/win. These days, there is no good reason to stick with an old-fashioned water cooler when you could be getting all the benefits of having a bottleless water cooler for your business in Austin, Tx. You’ll be glad you installed it, and so will future generations.

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