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How Drinking More Water Can Benefit You Primer From Your Professionals in Austin TX Water for Offices


Making sure you are drinking enough water can be a challenge for some of us, especially those of us in the workforce. Water is essential for many bodily functions, giving them what’s necessary to perform properly. 

 One of the benefits of drinking more water every day is helping maximize your physical performance. The body is compromised of 60% water, and losing even just 2% of that water through sweat, physical exertion, or just normal bodily functions during a day can have a huge impact on your motivation and can make you feel tired. While it doesn’t seem like this could be a big deal, we all know that two o’clock feeling and water might be what can help us. It is especially important to remember this during hotter weather. Making sure you are well hydrated can make your warmer weather much more energized and productive. 

Enhanced Mental Performance

 Along with physical performance, mental performance is also impacted by your water intake. Once again, losing just that 2% of your water level during the day can play a huge problem when it comes to mental focus and clarity. Headaches, anxiety, and loss of working memory are all linked with a lack of water intake during the day. Dehydration has also been shown to also impair your daily mood and memory. Drinking more water helps cushion your brain, other sensitive tissues, as well as the spinal cord. Which is how to help with your mental clarity and focus. 

Less Consitpation 

Drinking more water has also been linked to helping with constipation. Making sure that you are hydrated will help keep your intestines clean and working. It has been shown that the less water you drink the more prone you are to constipation. To help with this, mineral water is thought to help you. Mineral water has magnesium and sodium that can help you stay hydrated and having regular bowel movements. When you make sure you are getting enough water to keep your bowels healthy it can also help with stomach ulcers and heartburn. Along with constipation, lack of water can also be linked to urinary issues such as UTI’s. 

Improved Kidney Functions

 Kidney function can significantly improve with water intake. By making sure you are getting enough water, you are able to dissolve all the nutrients and minerals that are needed to make sure your body is healthy and removing all the waste that can harm your body. 

Can Contribute to Weight Loss 

Drinking more than your recommended 64 ounces of water a day can also help aid in weight loss. By drinking more water it makes you feel more satiated, as well as helping boost your metabolic rate. By boosting your metabolism rate, it can help you burn more calories. Also by changing out your soda for a glass of water, you can help create healthy habits that are better for your body. 


In the workplace you can make sure that you are keeping your body healthy and in great working order by drinking more water. Having an Austin bottleless water dispenser can help you keep your water levels where they need to, as well as reducing your carbon footprint by using a reusable tankless water coolers in Austin TX, rather than plastic disposable ones.

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